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Top Design & Decor Trends for 2023

Explore your wild side and bring back some classics!


Hello, Color! Bring back the stone! Embrace your personalized space with splashes of celebrant hues and evening accents. If you’re looking to update your home’s look for the new year, prepare to get a jumpstart on these top home decor trends of 2023. Let’s dive in. 


Color is back in our lives. After a few years of dull whites, creams, and grays, it’s time to roll out the paint and get kaleidoscopic. Want to paint your cabinets blue? Go for it. Want to have a green couch in the middle of a yellow rug? Now is the perfect time for it. But don’t worry. Neutrals are still a safe bet for all who are suddenly panicking about the unexpected brightness in this year’s palette. In fact, neutrals pair well with this year’s colors. 

If you’re not ready to fully commit to the brilliance of 2023’s top color trends, try a few accent pieces in your home. Adding a splash of color to an otherwise neutral room will create an element that draws attention while maintaining that clean and safe environment those neutral colors offer. Start with earthy tones. Greens, blues, and browns are in this year, and you’ll see them pop up a lot more within newly designed interiors. 

Earthen Materials

If you thought adding a pop of color to your comfortably vanilla space would throw you off, wait until you try adding a piece of unfinished wood or stone. Earthen elements are going to provide all of the right accents this year. In addition, natural outdoor elements will be creeping into the design space this year, whether it’s a rugged unfinished side table or a stone countertop. 

There are so many ways to play with this detail in your area. It offers the ability to have fun while adding a timeless piece to your room. Whatever you decide to do, a little can go a long way. Choose elements that make a statement. Bonus points if you couple these earthen materials with a complementary shade of blue or green. 

Luxe Living

Read as finely curated comfort. luxe living is a term that you’ll hear a lot around those adhering to this year’s trends. But luxe living doesn’t mean copious unused space, flashy metals, and opulent glass or crystal fixtures. This year, luxe living is all about having an area that oozes comfort without leaning too far into boho. Luxe means warm spaces where the throws and blankets are all part of a matching set or at least look like they belong together. Likewise, the fabrics should be comfy and inviting.

Start with your living room if you want to pick up this trend. Replace old pillows and blankets with new ones that are functional for guests. Take into account the lighting in the room and try to make it warm and comfortable. If you’re going to use colors, try to use soothing hues. 

60’s and 70’s

We’re not sure how we feel about this one because we know when an era becomes a theme, there’s a delicate balance between what is and what is not acceptable. Still, this year you may see a lot of 60’s and 70’s influence in interior design. While we never recommend going overboard on these trends, some subtle pieces can present timeless and classic looks.

Be careful when you lean into this trend. Trying to recreate a decade’s look is never the way to go. Instead, look for pieces that celebrate the era. Pieces that mark a period can be fun and beautiful. 

Black Accents

For all of you still hyperventilating over colors, breathe easy because this trend from 2022 is sticking around. An easy way to add sophistication and drama to any space is to find a place to splash a darker hue into it. People like to move to what’s easy and comfortable, and black is the most effortless hue to use, so black it is.

This design trend is easy. Any space can benefit from black accents. For example, a black-lined door frame or a black-framed mirror can add dimension to a color-safe room. So if you’re not excited about adding color this year but want to make your space feel new, look for places where you can add some black accents. 

Decorate Your New Home at Platinum Apartments

Whatever trend(s) you pick up this year, make your space your own. If you’re looking for something new this year, Platinum Apartments can help. So give us a call today, and let’s get you into a space you love.