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Choosing the perfect apartment home can be an exciting process. Platinum Apartments in Albuquerque, New Mexico, understands the importance of making an informed decision when choosing your new residence. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of essential questions to ask when touring your next potential apartment.

What is included in the rent?

Understanding what is included in the rent is crucial to assessing the overall value of an apartment. You should also Inquire about utilities (water, gas, electricity), trash removal, parking, and any additional fees for amenities such as a fitness center, pool, or pet services. Knowing the total monthly cost will help you budget and compare apartments accurately.

What is the lease term and renewal policy?

Lease terms can vary, so knowing how long you’ll be committing to a particular apartment is essential. Additionally, ask about the renewal policy. You don’t want rent increases to surprise you when trying to renew your lease.

Are there any restrictions on decorating or modifications?

Every apartment complex has different rules and regulations for decorating and modifying your living space. Before signing a lease, ask about policies on painting, hanging artwork, and installing additional fixtures. Knowing these restrictions will help determine if the apartment suits your preferences and needs.

What is the pet policy?

Understanding the pet policy is crucial if you have a furry friend or plan to get one. Inquire about breed or weight restrictions, pet fees, and additional pet rent. Before committing to an apartment, ensure you’re comfortable with the terms and conditions.

How are maintenance requests handled?

A responsive and efficient maintenance team is essential for a stress-free living experience. Ask about the process for submitting maintenance requests, expected response times, and whether there is 24-hour emergency maintenance available.

What is the parking situation?

Parking can be a significant concern, especially in densely populated areas. Ask about the availability of parking spaces, whether there are assigned spots, and if there is an additional cost for parking.

What is the neighborhood like?

Get a feel for the neighborhood by asking about nearby amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and public transportation options. Inquire about the safety of the area and if there are any known issues or concerns.

Platinum Apartments will make sure all of your questions are answered!

When touring an apartment home, finding the perfect living space is crucial. Platinum Apartments in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is committed to providing exceptional apartment homes and is here to help you find the perfect fit. Call us to tour our facilities and see why our luxury apartments make a difference to our residents.

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