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It’s that time of year again! With everything in bloom and the holiday season behind us, it’s time to break out the dusters and storage bins for an annual spring cleaning. Starting anew in the new year is easier with a clean space. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything you need to do to get the most out of your apartment spring cleaning. 


No deep clean is complete without getting rid of all that dust that’s accumulated over time, not to mention any possible cobwebs.  


– Ledges & Shelves  

– Light Fixtures 

– Fans 

– Decorative Pieces  



It’s always a good idea to vacuum after dusting, as it sucks up any remaining dust or particles that may have settled on the floor after your thorough cleaning.  


Be aware that certain cleaning products can only be used for certain kinds of flooring materials, so if you choose to use any store-bought chemical cleaners, ensure it’s safe to use on the flooring in your apartment! 


For carpeted apartment spaces, consider shampooing or deep-cleaning the fibers. Before deciding to shampoo your carpet, check with your apartment complex or landlord to see if you’re allowed to, or if they offer a similar service for a cleaning fee. 

Revive/ Organize your Closet 

Now is a perfect time to go through the items in your closet and rotate out winter clothes in exchange for warm-weather clothing. For pieces that haven’t seen much action in the last year, consider setting aside some lesser-worn pieces for donations. This is a fast and sustainable way to clean out your closet and create a more cohesive wardrobe moving forward, and with thrifting and up-cycling on the rise, you can feel assured that your garments will find a good home. 

Organize your Drawers and Cabinets

It’s easy to forget how much junk we shove in our drawers and cabinets. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. Take this time to take inventory of your cabinets and drawers, organize paperwork, and throw out things you no longer need.


The deep clean is perhaps the most satisfying but unpleasant part of spring cleaning. No cleaning is complete without paying special attention to your kitchen and bathroom. 

Sink & Dishwasher 

– Wash, Dry, and Store All Dishes 

– Sanitize and Scrub Down Sink Basin and Dishwasher  

Stove & Oven 

– Scrub out Grease Stains or Burn Marks 

– Remove any Fallen Food Particles 

– Spray and Wipe 


– Take Out All Food 

– Toss Expired Items 

– Scrub The Insides with Sanitizer 

– Place Food Back In 

– Use a Deodorizer (Like Baking Soda!) 


– Properly Dispose of Expired Medications 

– Scrub Away Grime Residue or other Build-up 

– Replace Mildewed Shower Curtains  

– Clean Grout 

– Be Wary of Chemical Cleaning Solutions 

Wash Sheets & Fabrics 

There’s nothing like the scent of clean laundry! Add bed sheets, couch sheets, decorative pillows and blankets, dusty or stained curtains, rugs, and mats to your list of things to be washed. Remember to read each item’s tags and washing specifications, as some may need special attention or cannot be washed or dried normally.  


While these items might not pertain to cleaning directly, they are great practices to remember during big annual cleans. 

– Check or Replace Smoke Detector Batteries 

– Organize Important Paperwork 

– Flip Your Mattress 

Finally, at the end of your cleaning, don’t forget to take out the trash before you start celebrating your clean apartment! Good Spring Cleaning is essential to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle, and at Platinum Apartments, we believe that how you live matters. For a luxury living experience in a bustling area of Albuquerque, tour our spaces today! 

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