Where you live matters...

A nob hill original

A thriving, bustling hive of food, art, culture, entertainment and people. Nob Hill is hip heaven.

Walk to everything
  • Arts, entertainment and theatre.
  • Groceries from The Nob Hill La Montanita Food Co-op Market
  • Fitness and yoga
  • Antiques and modern furniture
  • Dry cleaning, pharmacies, salons, boutiques and specialty stores
  • Historic Churches

Stay Fit
Discounted rates to Sports and Wellness for all residents!
Super fine dining
Zinc, Elaine's, Yanni's, Scalo and more
Great coffee
Flying Star, Satellite and Starbucks
Amazing ethnic dining
Zacatecas, Fan Tang, Crazy Fish Sushi, and countless more
Brew pubs
Two Fools Tavern, Tractor Brewing, UNM, Ridgrat, Monte Visia, and more
Bike anywhere
Platinum is on the Silver Avenue Bike Boulevard and one block from Central/historic Route 66