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At Platinum Apartments, we care about HOW you live, not just where you live. Our goal is to protect the world we live in by keeping our complex environmentally friendly in as many ways as possible! To accomplish this goal, we use EV charging stations, carbon net-zero community spaces powered by solar panels, LED lighting, and energy star appliances, amongst other amenities. Because of our great amount of attention to our impact on the environment, Platinum Apartments received a LEED Platinum Certification upon its construction. Platinum was the first multifamily residential complex in New Mexico to be awarded this designation. But what exactly does this achievement mean, and why should you care?  

Where Did LEED Come From?   

Straight from their mouths, the LEED Rating System is the world’s most widely used green building rating system. LEED started in the early nineties from the formation of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which helped spur the growth of the trillion-dollar green building industry today. Currently, more than 100,000 buildings are participating in LEED. Not only are these buildings proven to save money, but they also improve efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and create overall healthier places for everyone. The USGBC hopes to combat the climate crisis and support more environmentally friendly causes through these efforts.   

The LEED Rating System  

Buildings must adhere to strict prerequisites and credits that address many areas, from carbon to waste to indoor environmental quality, to become LEED-certified. Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) reviews and verifies the building to award points. Building classifications range across four levels of certification:  

  • Certified – 40-49 points  
  • Silver – 50-59 points  
  • Gold – 60-79 points  
  • Platinum – 80+ points  

With this method, buildings can’t simply focus on ensuring only one aspect of a building is green. Instead, buildings must meet the requirements in several areas to be awarded enough points for certification levels.   

Why Should You Care About LEED Platinum Certification?  

Becoming LEED platinum-certified takes time, dedication, and a deep sense of responsibility to the environment. By being LEED platinum-certified, Platinum Apartments has shown its commitment to the environment and its residents. As a result, Platinum residents enjoy significantly lower than average utility bills and, in a world of ever-increasing environmental challenges, can live each day knowing they are contributing to efforts that will protect our world for years to come.   

If you’re interested in what else we offer, apply now to see if Platinum Apartments is the right fit for you!