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When looking for an apartment, you may feel overwhelmed as you sift through all those lists of amenities. You should decide which ones are non-negotiable. But also consider which amenities are worth paying extra for compared to those you can live without. It can be stressful, but it will improve your apartment living experience.

Finding an apartment that checks all the boxes on your wish list is rare. Still, developing and prioritizing the items on your list is important to ensure you find the right mix. Include those amenities that fit well with your lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of popular amenities that could be perfect additions to your wish list.

When looking into what a luxury apartment in Albuquerque has to offer, there are two types of amenities to go over:

  • In-unit
  • Community

In-Unit Amenities

These are extremely important; they could make your life easier and save you time and money. However, not all in-unit amenities are equally important.

Wifi-enabled communication

This may be one of the most important things to look for in today’s world. Not having this amenity on the list is not an immediate red flag, but it offers convenience and saves time and money.

In-unit full-size washer & dryer

This one may seem obvious, but having your washer and dryer in your apartment can be a lifesaver. You won’t have to share with the rest of your complex, which saves you time and money.

Key fob-controlled access and security

Security and access control are important considerations. You need to feel safe and comfortable – it’s not negotiable.

Secure, covered parking

It’s nice never having to worry about where you might leave your car, and when parking is covered, you won’t have to worry about the weather!

Walk-in closets

Having enough closet space may be a trickier amenity when looking at apartments, so having the room for your entire wardrobe plus some odds and ends can be a selling point.

Stainless steel appliances

Some appliances are essential – an oven, a stove, a refrigerator, etc.

LED lighting

Often, lighting gets overlooked, but it shouldn’t. Lighting can make or break a home. It may not seem important at the time, but after spending weeks or months in a badly lit space can be draining.

Some other in-unit amenities include spacious balconies, Quartz countertops, custom vinyl wood flooring, etc. These are not necessary survival tools but can bring comfort and luxury into your home.


Community Amenities

While these types of amenities may seem much less important, they can determine how comfortable and involved you feel in your community and, therefore, your apartment.

Walking distance from fine dining, shopping, and entertainment

The characteristics of your neighborhood are an amenity in and of themselves. What surrounds your home is extremely important.

Resident discount to Sports and Wellness

Why pay full price for a gym membership when your apartment offers a discount? This can be a big motivator to choose this apartment and work out.

Community Culture

Does your complex have amenities that enhance your time at the property? These could include pools, community grills, fire pits, and clubhouses. Does Management make you feel part of the community with regular on and off-site resident events? Often, amenities like this can make the difference between your apartment being a place you live, and feeling like home.

Luxury Amenities

Remember, where you live matters. You should love where you live – all amenities included. Platinum Apartments has all the features you want right in the heart of Nob Hill. It’s truly a luxury living experience.

Discover a thriving, bustling hive of food, art, culture, entertainment, and people. No detail has been overlooked, from shared community spaces to your private domain. It’s all here, at Platinum Apartments. Contact us to learn more about all the amenities and features.